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Junior's competition membership


12 months


This membership comprises both Sam’s Badminton Arena (SBA) and the Queensland Badminton Association (QBA).


Advantages of QBA membership:

1) Eligibility to participate in all officially sanctioned tournaments and regional club activities affiliated with QBA.

2) Insurance coverage for injuries sustained during QBA-sanctioned tournaments and affiliated club events.

3) Priority access to exclusive opportunities such as international tournaments, coaching seminars, and social events organized by QBA.

4) The chance to represent Queensland in national competitions at both junior and senior levels.


If a member chooses to cancel their Annual Membership with SBA for any reason, they have the freedom to do so. However, no refunds, whether partial or full, will be issued.

To proceed, please follow the link to the Sam's Badminton Arena application form. We strongly advise reviewing the terms and conditions on both SBA and QBA websites before proceeding.

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