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Getting assessed in badminton offers a range of benefits that can significantly contribute to a player's skill development and overall performance on the court: 1.Technical Precision: Assessment helps identify and rectify technical flaws in a player's strokes, ensuring proper form and execution. This contributes to more accurate shots, increased power, and improved overall shot quality. 2.Strategic Insight: Assessing match footage provides insights into strategic decisions, shot selection, and court positioning. Players can develop a better understanding of when to attack, defend, and transition between different playing styles. 3.Tactical Adaptability: Understanding opponents' playing styles and patterns becomes easier through assessment. This knowledge allows players to adapt their tactics during matches, making them more versatile and effective competitors. 4.Footwork Enhancement: Assessment helps in evaluating and refining footwork, a critical aspect of badminton. Improved footwork enhances agility, speed, and court coverage, enabling players to move more efficiently and reach shots effectively. 5.Decision-Making Improvement: By reviewing past matches, players can assess their decision-making processes, recognising both successful and less effective choices. This self-awareness fosters better on-court decision-making and strategic thinking.

Get Badminton Assessment with Bady

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Get Badminton Assessment with Bady

Free Trial

Get your initial skill assessment report for free upon enrolling in our monthly assessments. There are no mandatory commitments or lock-in periods. However, we are confident that our shared passion for badminton will make you want to stay with us.

Paid - Assessed

The paid assessment involves a single fee for each assessment, allowing you to opt for assessments on a flexible basis. With no restrictions on bookings, you can schedule as many assessments as you need at your convenience.

Private - Assessed

To maximize the benefits of your previous badminton skills assessment, consider advancing to a private assessment session. These personalized evaluations will take place through the reservation of a time slot for a video call with one of our coaches or assessors.

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Get Graded - It's Online now

Get Badminton Graded from Queensland Badminton Associations -QBA  with Bady

Benefit of Getting Graded 

Getting graded in badminton offers a range of benefits that can significantly contribute to a player's skill development and overall performance on the court:

  1. Technical Precision

  2. Strategic Insight

  3. Tactical Adaptability

  4. Footwork Enhancement

  5. Decision-Making Improvement 

Get Badminton Graded from Queensland Badminton Associations -QBA  with Bady


Once you are graded you will become a members of Queensland Badminton Association (QBA), with this membership enjoy the privilege of participating in authorised tournaments throughout Australia. Additionally, they gain access to tournaments, competitions, and coaching programs organized by QBA/BBA, encompassing a wide range of events such as Open tournaments, sanctioned tournaments like the Brisbane and Queensland Open tournaments, team competitions representing your club, as well as coaching and training sessions conducted by the Queensland Badminton Associations programs.

Get Badminton Graded from Queensland Badminton Association - QBA with Bady

Get Graded by Sam's Badminton 
Affiliated club of 
Queensland Badminton Association (QBA) 
It's Online now

Sam's Badminton. Get Badminton Assessment and Grading from QBA
Get Badminton Graded from Queensland Badminton Associations -QBA  with Bady


Get Graded in three steps

Record Video

Record your video of playing a badminton game on a court.

Make sure you record one full game of 21 points.

Show off your best performance :) 


Share video

Carefully read the terms of the club

Fill out the club's form and share the video

Make payments online  


Receive email 

You will be graded once the club assess your video

Receive an email confirmation about your grading

Start playing exclusive graded tournaments :) 

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Get Badminton Grading with Bady


Welcome to, we are passionate about the sport of badminton and dedicated to helping players of all levels improve their game, reach their full potential, and enjoy the sport to the fullest. At, we understand that badminton is not just a sport; it's a way of life for many enthusiasts around the world. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, our platform is designed to cater to your aspirations. Our mission is simple: to provide players, coaches, and enthusiasts with a comprehensive tool to assess and enhance their badminton skills. We believe that the key to mastering badminton lies in understanding your strengths and weaknesses, setting clear goals, and consistently working toward improvements. With this in mind, we've developed a user-friendly platform that offers a unique way to assess your skills and help you achieve your personal best on the court.

Few words from our Bady.Au community 

"I've been playing badminton for several years now, and I thought I had a good grasp of my skills. But when I tried the skill assessment, I was blown away. The assessed of my game gave me a whole new perspective on my strengths and weaknesses. I am more confident on the court, and I can see the improvements with each session. I highly recommend this platform to any badminton player looking to up their game. And it did not cost me arms and legs"

Rachel Elliott


Our coaches and assessors are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to nurturing the talent and skills of aspiring badminton players. They are driven by a shared love for the sport and a deep desire to help players of all levels reach their full potential. With years of experience and a profound understanding of the intricacies of badminton, our coaches are more than just instructors. Each coach brings a unique set of expertise, from technical precision to strategic brilliance. They are willing to invest their valuable time watching your videos and assessing your weaknesses and strengths so you will know where you can get better and where you can dominate on the court.

Kartikh V Certified coach Badminton Australia

 Kartik V 

 Certified coach 
 Badminton Australia   

Pavan BWF certified level 1 coach

   Pavan R   

 BWF certified 

 Level - 1 coach  

Amir K BWF certified shuttle time online

 Amir K 

 BWF certified 

 Shuttle Time - Online 

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